Kansai Chubu International Institute

Immigration legal training course of technical intern trainees. 

(1)Japanese Language Education, Learning about Japanese lifestyle.

(2)Legal protection training course(Immigration Law, Law of labor relations)

(3)Learning technical terminologies, courses which are useful for work.

(4)Legal course at police station, fire training etc...


Technical intern trainees must take these courses 

in one month after coming to Japan.



 Usually, supervising organization(cooperatives) of each technical intern trainees implement courses like this on their own. However after becoming the lead managing underwriter, OKS cooperative is implementing immigration training courses with almost 70 other supervising organizations(cooperatives) in Kantou, Chubu・Hokuriku, Kinki・Chugoku regions.


 We are implementing legal training courses for technical intern trainees with the help of interpreters of our institute from countries like Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Phillipines, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh and China.


 As for the facilities, our institute consists of several studying rooms with capacities of 20,30,50 students and dormitory with 4,8,10,30, 50 person rooms and can accommodate up to 200 people at once.


 Our professional teachers teach them things like, how to greet, separate garbage, shop, cook and send money beforehand, so that they will not have any difficulties doing those.


 They also learn working contents, names of  tools and equipments they will use, technical terminologies, how to fill out documents needed when they first enter their working sites.


 Technical intern trainees of various cooperatives(including OKS) come to our institute weekly or monthly.


 At our institute, technical intern trainees from many different countries starting from Vietnam, including countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Mongolia study together.


 There are many new encounters for technical intern trainees, as people from various regions of varius countries.

 After one month of training courses, they are assigned to their  companies, located in many different regions like Kantou, Chubu・Hokuriku, Kinki・Chugoku.


 It actually became their 「Japanese home」 where they always come to, when they are on long holiday like Obon holiday and New year holiday.


 Of course, there could be things to be worried about, and technical intern trainees want to discuss about.


 Our staffs are trying their best so that technical intern trainees are able to spend their training time without any trouble. 


 We sincerely wish them to intern train safely and in good health, each time we send them off to their companies after one month of training course.

Kansai Chubu Internationa Institute

Principal  Muranaga Noriko